Margot Robbie's brother Cameron is cast in Neighbours

Actor, model and presenter Cameron Robbie is joining Neighbours in a regular guest role, can exclusively reveal.

The brother of Margot Robbie who played Donna Brown from 2008 until 2011 and has gone onto international success like many other Ramsay Street alumni, plays Jesse Porter who arrives in Erinsborough to take up a summer job at Lassiters – and there will be many twist and turns in his storyline.

Like his sister, the 26-year-old has had a passion for acting since he was in school and has dabbled behind-the-camera as well.

And he admits that he is glad to know that his sister will be available to get advice from, should he need it.

He told|: ‘Margot, like many of my industry-friends or go-to professionals say a similar thing of work hard, train hard, be kind and grateful, and enjoy the experience.

‘But it’s always comforting to know that if I ever need her, she’s only a phone call away.’

On whether he feels pressure to be following in Margot’s footsteps, he added: ‘I’ve been working in and around film sets, behind the camera, since I was in high school and I’ve always studied acting and film since that time as well.

‘There’s definitely a strong want to do well with my work and grow with my abilities.

‘But no I don’t place pressure on myself regarding her success, only my own expectation that I work hard, pursue what I love and make it meaningful.’

Cameron’s episodes will commence screening from April in the UK.

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