McDonalds to open all drive thru restaurants in the UK next week

McDonald’s has announced it will open 975 branches across the UK for drive thru and delivery. This comes after restaurants have successfully trialled reopening.


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McDonald’s temporarily closed restaurants to help maintain social distancing rules.

Although UK restaurants were allowed to stay open for takeaways, McDonald’s closed all branches to keep customers and staff safe.

However, fans will be delighted to know that restaurants are slowly returning to normal.

Earlier this month, McDonalds started to open again as the retailer trialled opening for delivery.

Last week, 39 restaurants were opened and food could be ordered for delivery or drive thru.

In total, 44 branches in the UK have been reopened to help takeaway fans get their fix.

The fast food giant has now announced that 51 more locations will open for delivery starting next week.

The restaurant chain aims to open all drive thru branches soon meaning more than 1,000 UK stores will be up and running again.

McDonalds will follow new safety measures to ensure everyone visiting the store stays safe.

This includes encouraging contactless payment and limits have been increased to help.

A post on McDonald’s Twitter said: “To help our teams, we’re encouraging you to make contactless payments and cap spend at £25.

“We’re still adjusting to smaller teams, new procedures and social distancing, so please bear with us, things will take a little longer.”


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All branches that are opening will do so by Thursday next week.

In a statement, McDonald’s said: “We can today announce that by June 4, 1,020 of our restaurants will have reopened, either for drive-thru or McDelivery.

“This means every Drive Thru in the UK and Ireland will reopen between Tuesday and Thursday next week and we will start to expand the availability of McDelivery too

“This is only possible following the hard work of the teams in our 44 pilot restaurants.

“Over the last fortnight, our employees, franchisees and suppliers have worked tirelessly to implement new procedures to enable safe working so that we can now help all parts of the UK and Ireland to enjoy the return of the Big Mac.

“In the last week, on occasion, we have taken the decision to close drive-thru lanes where demand has impacted local communities or the safety of our people or customers.

“We will continue to work with local authorities and the police as we extend our reopening plans.

“With smaller teams, we will still be offering a limited menu over reduced hours, and we ask that you make contactless payments and limit your spend to £25.”

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