Men could boost erections simply by changing up their morning routine, pharmacist reveals | The Sun

MEN could boost their erections by adding a step into their morning routine.

Having coffee could potentially help men with erectile dysfunction, a pharmacist says.

Caffeine, one of the many compounds found in coffee, stimulates the production of nitric oxide.

This acts as a vasodilator on the body, meaning it helps to relax and widen blood vessels.

Chemist Click’s superintendent pharmacist Abbas Kanani said: “Nitric oxide is a molecule that plays a crucial role in relaxing and widening blood vessels, which, in turn, can facilitate blood flow to the penis and support erectile function.”

This could help because “the enhanced blood flow to the penile tissues is essential for achieving and maintaining an erection”.

What’s more, coffee is believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

That’s why it’s thought to be beneficial for health and warding off various diseases.

Mr Kanani said: “While acute inflammation is a normal and necessary process for healing, chronic inflammation can have negative effects on various systems in the body, including the cardiovascular system."

The health of the cardiovascular system is closely linked with the ability to get an erection because the penis needs a healthy blood flow and vessels in order to work efficiently. 

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One US study observing the role of caffeine on erectile dysfunction found that it reduced the odds of prevalent ED, especially an intake equivalent to approximately two or three daily cups of coffee (170-375 mg/day).

In addition, total caffeine intake seemed to reduce the odds of ED among men who were overweight or obese and had high blood pressure.

While adding coffee into your life is harmless, Mr Kanani advised limiting intake.

“Too much caffeine can lead to restlessness, shakiness, rapid or irregular heartbeats, headaches, irritability and insomnia,” he said.

Some of these issues may exacerbate underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

For example, coffee is not recommended for people who suffer anxiety, which could be behind a man’s performance issues.

There are a number of complexities that sometimes make erectile dysfunction difficult to fix.

Psychological impotence refers to when a man can't get it up because of thoughts or feelings that are holding him back.

When impotence is caused by underlying physical health problems it tends to be longer-lasting and treatment is needed.

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These include diseases of nerves (Parkinson’s) blood vessels (diabetes or heart disease), or hormones.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition, particularly in older men. It is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it to some degree, the NHS says.

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