Microsoft Is Inviting the Internet to Vote for Its Next Default Font

Microsoft is finally choosing a new default font, and it wants your help in making the decision.

14 years after Calibri took over from Times New Roman as the operating system’s default font, the tech giant is finally looking to change things up with a new set. To do so, it commissioned a team of designers who came up with five new custom, original fonts named Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford and Grandview. All five offer unique and refreshing takes on what makes a good, standard font, and Microsoft is now inviting the Internet to help them choose the best one.

“While default fonts may not have the same flair as some of their more eye-catching cousins (we’re looking at you, Bauhaus 93 and Showcard Gothic), they communicate a distinct personality in their own quiet way—a personality that by extension becomes our personality as well,” writes Microsoft. “A default font is often the first impression we make; it’s the visual identity we present to other people via our resumes, documents, or emails. And just as people and the world around us age and grow, so too should our modes of expression.”

To check out the five new fonts and join in on the conversation on which should be Microsoft’s next default font, you can head over to the company’s website.

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