Model with Brazils biggest butt admits shes in constant pain after surgeries

A fitness model who claims she has “Brazil’s biggest bum” has opened up about the excruciating back pain she experiences due to her enormous behind.

Vanessa Altaides boasts a 126cm butt (that’s about 49.6in) – and she’s so protective of her largest assets that she’s insured it for 2million BRL.

That’s over £280,000 in pounds!

However, not everything about having a big bum is a positive, the model has admitted.

This is because the weight of her buttocks causes her back ache and pains.

Vanessa told UOL: "Today, at the age of 35, I feel the consequences that the weight of my bum has brought on me and I know it will bring me even more."

She continued: "I have a lot of back pain 24 hours a day.

“There are times I cannot even get out of bed and I have to give myself an injection to reduce the pain and to be able to get up."

The model’s butt is not natural, but instead has been created using a number of cosmetic procedures including silicone implants and fillers.

Vanessa explained: "I wasn't scared, but a few weeks ago I became afraid of developing complications, as I've seen some friends get the filler removed."

She continued: "I know that every organism reacts differently, so I pray to God every day so he protects me and gives me health, but I don't deny that if I need to do more to achieve my goal, I'll do it.

"But what about my fear?

“I say: if it's God's will that I achieve my goal, I will achieve it no matter how."

Despite admitting to many surgeries, Vanessa also pumps up her butt with exercise.

The model often wakes up at 4am to get to the gym for a workout and eats six protein-packed meals, full of beef and egg whites, a day in a bid to build muscle.

Vanessa, who boasts almost 45,000 Instagram followers, doesn’t regret her surgeries though.

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She claims the pain is worth the results…

Vanessa commented: “I know this is all down to the weight I carry in my bum, but I don't regret it. I'm happy and even with all the pain I still want more.

"I want to achieve my goal and I will manage it. I've learned to live with the pain.

“It's been years since I knew what spending a day without pain is like.

“It's the price I happily pay."

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