Most popular baby names inspired by fashion brands top list including Chanel, Dolce and Dior

New research has revealed the most popular beauty, jewellery and fashion brand inspired baby names from around the world.

If you’ve got a bun in the oven and have been struggling to come up with a suitable name for your impending little one have you thought about naming your baby after your favourite brand?

We know big named brands and of course jewellery is popular with celebrities to wear, but it seems designer fans are going one step further according to this new report.

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Jewellerybox analysed government data to reveal the most popular UK baby names inspired by some of the biggest brands in fashion, beauty and precious stones between 2000 and 2018.

The top five designer inspired baby names for girls in the UK are:

Perfume, £112.50, Chanel No.5 at Feel Unique

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The research shows that 1,349 baby girls have been named Chanel, with 336 called Armani, as in Emporio Armani, while 196 baby girls have been named Dior and 105 called Dolce, perhaps in homage to the infamous design duo Dolce and Gabbana. Although only 53 baby girls have been named Estee, like the beauty brand Estee Lauder.

For boys the most popular UK baby names inspired by some of the biggest brands in fashion and beauty include:

When it comes to the boys 573 have been named Valentino, with Kenzo coming in at a close second with 443. Not far behind is Armani with 368, while Salvatore, as in Salvatore Ferragamo, is fairly far behind with 143 and Cavalli comes in last place with 105.

And while Armani proved only moderately popular in the UK in the US it is the highest ranking name for both boys and girls when it comes to babies named after fashion brands. Making it top the list with a total of 16,290 babies given the name in the UK and US between 2000 and 2018.

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But it isn’t just big designer brands that parents are using as inspiration for unusual and more interesting baby names. Precious gem stones have long been a source of inspiration when naming their babies and is a lovely way to demonstrate just how precious your new little one is. And have proved a popular choice with thousands of babies names after jewels.

The most popular precious stone inspired baby names in the UK for girls are:

Ruby ring, £8.90.

Ruby topped the list of most popular precious stoned inspired baby names with a whopping 50,857 babies, with Amber nearly half as popular with 22,565. Jade is such a pretty name but has been selected just 9,341 times, while Pearl comes in with 2,209 babies and Sapphire just behind with 1,935.

When it comes to the most popular precious stone inspired baby names in the UK for boys, the choices are slightly more unusual overall and a much less popular source of inspiration than for girls with the top five being Jasper, Diamond, Onyx, Jade, and Ruby.

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Of course many won’t even associate Jasper with a precious stone and this one comes in highest with 7,032 babies named after it. And as a stone it is pretty special, known as “the ‘Supreme Nurturer,’ Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, that provides comfort, security, strength and healing”. –

After that the numbers drop to below 100, with Diamond only having 52 babies named after it and Onyx a close third with 35. Jade for a boy is far less popular than Jade for a girl as it racks up only 31 babies, with Ruby only have 3 baby boys named after it, while being the top for girls.

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