Mum reveals ‘genius’ hack that stops children from dropping ice lollies – using a sandwich bag clip

A mum has shared her clever hack to prevent tears from being spilled over dropped ice lollies – and you probably already have it in your kitchen.

By attaching a sandwich bag clip to the ice lolly stick, it creates added grip for you child to hold on to and hopefully prevent any ice lolly accidents.

The parenting hack was shared on Facebook and received hundreds of comments branding the trick "genius".

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The mum shared an image of a colourful ice lolly, but instead of just the wooden stick she had attached the clip on in the middle and held on to the side.

She wrote in the post: "For all those with children who are at an age where holding an ice lolly stick is difficult. Use a sandwich bag clip on the stick….

"Allows them to grip with both hands. Prevents tears from dropped lollys[sic]."

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Hundreds of members of the Facebook group took to the comments to praise the simple idea, with one even saying they would use it themselves because they suffered from Xylophobia, which means an irrational fear of wooden objects.

One person said: "Genius!! I hate the feel of a lolly stick, I have to cover it with the wrapper!"

"That’s a fab idea, I’ll be doing this from now on with my daughter who’s 4, she actually had an ice burn from holding a twister lolly when she was 2, they have really short sticks and her finger must have gone numb and she didn’t feel the damage it was doing and tbh I didn’t notice until she’d finished eating it… took her to docs and no damage long term done but I’m always wary now when she has ice lollies," shared another mum.

Another added: "That's good! Suppose you could a peg if you don't have a clip."

More parents also took to the comments with their own suggestions for catching any extra drips as the lolly melted, as one person said: "I use to cut a bit of the box out an push the lolly stick through it." [sic]

"I also put a cup cake case on the stick to collect some of the dripping," said one.

"I fold up a piece of kitchen roll and wrap around the stick, makes easy to hold and also catches any drips," added another.

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