Mum shares 'game-changing' freezer hack that will stop things spilling

A mum has come up with a way to organise items for the freezer that not only looks good, but will save you spending money.

The Australian woman shared an image of her freezer, showing how all the items are stored in containers that she has labelled.

The mum said this is so she can see what contents are in the freezer without having to get out several bags.

She said that putting them in clearly-labelled, transparent containers shows you exactly how much you have left, meaning you can top up when you need.

And because the items are easily accessible (meaning you don’t have to bother digging through the freezer) you won’t spend lots buying things you already have at home.

This trick is also helpful if you worry about the bags of vegetables or meat spilling inside the freezer.

All you need are a few freezer friendly containers and a label maker – or just a pen will do the trick.

The mum shared her tip on Facebook, where other users said they were already doing the same thing or were planning to.

She wrote: ‘Instead of bags of veg that spill easily we have a container for each one.

‘For things like spinach and spring onions that are only small bags, I have the “vegetables” container where we can put the bags to keep them in the same place, we also put any spare bags in there.’

The mum also uses disposable containers for meats and ‘fakeaways’.

While she used containers that are pre-labelled, you can also use a marker to label each one and ensure everything goes in the right place.

If you have a deep freezer, the same tip can be used, but with labels at the top so you’re not spending ages sifting through loads of bags.

Some of the people commented on the mum’s post, saying: ‘What a great idea, thank you for sharing, you have just inspired me.’

‘Love this idea!’ wrote another.

One person wasn’t too convinced with the tip, saying: ‘Even my pasty container which was made for the freezer ended up snapping and shattering after a while, so I am on the fence about this.’

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