Mum slammed for cooking three meals every night for fussy children

Many of us have dealt with picky eaters at some point in our lives – but whether you make them eat what’s been cooked or make something else is a personal decision.

And, one mum decided it wasn’t worth the aggro to force her children all to eat the same thing.

The anonymous parent posted on Facebook and admitted to making three different meals every evening to satisfy her little ones.

That sounds tiring…

The mum-of-two cooks up whatever she and her husband are eating and then makes “dinner platters” of what her kids will eat.

Would you make extra meals or make your kids eat what you've cooked? Tell us in the comments section below…

These consist of things like apples, oranges, sandwiches and cake bars while the main dish could be tacos.

She was proud of her “easy idea” and wanted to share it to help other parents.

On Facebook, she said: “I try to keep them simple and cost affective seeing as we all eat different meals."

But, while some people thought the tip was clever other criticised her approach and said children should "eat what's in front of you".

One lady commented: “I don't have the time, patience or money to make separate meals.”

While a dad noted: "I used to do that but after travelling through India, and seeing literally starving children and immense suffering it changed my perspective, when I got home if the kids didn't want it then they could go hungry, about a week later they ate everything I served up."

And, a mum said she made her kids eat what was served or they were welcome to go to bed hungry.

However, the original poster clapped back and said that "she likes to do it this way."

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She wrote: "I understand some people use the old 'eat what you're given or starve' and that's completely fine.

“I don't disagree with anyone, I myself am my own person and I like to do it this way.

"I didn't ask for hateful comments saying I will 'regret' my decisions. I'm happy if my family are happy."

And, many parents agreed with her and said they did the same thing.

One woman wrote: "Look at all these perfect parents.

“Half of you have probably microwaved party pies and fed them to your kids for dinner.

“But the moment a mum offers fruit and a sandwich for her child instead of tacos, it's world war three."

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