Mum’s secrets to youthful looks after getting mistaken as her daughter’s sister

A youthful mum has revealed the secrets to her wrinkleless appearance after being mistaken as her teen daughter's sister.

Kat Zoe Clark gave birth to her daughter Latitia on her 17th birthday and they share a "special bond" and feels they "both grew up together".

The 35-year-old mum, from the Gold Coast in Australia, said they both get asked for ID when they walked into bars.

Kat enjoyed watching people's reaction when she revealed that she is actually Latitia's mum.

One woman asked Kat whether her mum was home when dropping her child off for a play date with Latitia, and was shocked to learn Kat was the parent.

On her TikTok videos, both Kat and Latitia dress up in white mini dress as they celebrate their joint birthdays.

Kat said: "It was my daughter's 18th birthday, as well as mine. But guys, we got asked for ID twice.

"It's actually compliment though, sometimes people think that we are sisters.

"Seriously love being a young mum."

The parent told of her secret to "youthful glow" – drink lots of water and use chemical-free skincare products.

She also sticks to a routine of taking collagen supplements every day and using skin-sensitive washing powder.

In a birthday post for her daughter, Kat wrote on Instagram: "God gifted me with my soul mate on my birthday 18 years ago.

"Sharing my birthday with you has been one of the best things in the world but today is all about you because you are officially an adult, and an amazing one might I add.

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"Studying and working hard for your future which I’m proud of but what I love most about you is your heart and who you’ve become."

Her post was swarmed with well wishes and some were overwhelmed by the mother-daughter pair.

One said: "What, I thought you were your daughter's friend."

Another wrote: "You're a mum? Oh wow, oh my God."

"I was trying to work out who the 18-year-old is," a third added.

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