OnlyFans model would do ‘anything for her followers’ as she earns £38k-a-week

A stunning model has lifted the lid on her earnings while using OnlyFans.

Sara Falcón Retali, 29, claims she would do absolutely anything for her admirers.

The beauty has over 22,900 followers on Instagram where she posts the sexiest snaps.

Although she used to be shy, Sara now earns an eye-watering £38,000-a-week from her racy content.

But things haven't always been simple for the model who was forced to leave her home country Venezuela.

Previously in an interview with Jam Press, Sara waived her right to anonymity and spoke about a sexual assault incident in a cab.

She told how she overcame the demons after an assault which "killed part of her".

Now the former law student claims after years of healing she's finally at peace.

Speaking about her followers, Sara said: "I love my fans, I'll do anything for them.

"If they tell me to jump from a parachute, I will do it.

"Or if somebody wants me to swim naked in a frozen lake, that's fine too – I'm just a very funny, crazy girl with a big, big bum."

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With Instagram and OnlyFans, Sara realised she could reach her admirers directly without her fees going to someone else.

She added: "It started with videos on the streets. I'd go to shopping malls and take my pants down.

"Or I'd be in a McDonald's smearing ice cream on my chest.

"One time I danced in my thong on a bus. Another time I went to the supermarket just wearing pyjamas."

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But despite these racy stunts, Sara is careful to not corrupt any innocent bystanders nearby.

And now the model is keen to make sure her fans stay happy with her creative content.

She added: "I do lots of roleplay – schoolgirl, nurse, student, teacher, doctor, stewardess that kind of thing.

"My fans have given me flowers, teddies, underwear, bikinis, money and they have also given me erotic toys."

Sara concluded: "One guy gave me a giant penis of about 50cm.

"I would never use it, that's crazy!"

Despite a rough start in her home country, Sara is now ready to face the world and any challenge.

She continued: "I am free and I am happy. I love to live a unique, dangerous, amazing life. After all, I might die tomorrow."

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