Oscar Mayer Debuts The Hot Dog Straw

Oscar Mayer is paying homage to a viral video from one year ago with their official Hot Dog Straw.

Despite the name, the Hot Dog Straw isn’t actually made of an edible hot dog but rather silicone, and it can be reused and cleaned with soap and warm water. The trinket is Oscar Mayer’s way of paying tribute to a video captured by New York Nico at a New York Mets game last year, which saw a man use his hot dog as a literal straw for his cold beverage; the video has been viewed more than 9 million times on TikTok, in addition to the numerous re-shares on different social media platform.

“While the viral ‘Hot Dog Straw’ divided the internet, we salute the brave man who paved the way to enjoy his hot dog as he wishes,” Kelsey Rice, the associate director of Oscar Mayer, shared in a statement to Food & Wine. “Taking inspiration from a classic Oscar Mayer dog, the silicone Hot Dog Straw is designed for optimal sipping, and we hope it brings a friendly reminder that we don’t need to take enjoying a delicious hot dog seriously. Some things are just meant to be fun.”

The Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw is a limited edition item that can be purchased via the Oscar Mayer webstore.

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