People all over the world share their epic fails

Think YOU’RE having a bad day? People from around the world share their hilarious mishaps – from a man attacked by a porcupine to a messy dog who rolled in freshly cut grass

  • Some of the funniest ‘fail’ moments from around the world have been collected
  • The gallery on Bored Panda showed people who took photos of their fails 
  • One man in the UK had a bad barber’s experience, with a pretty dodgy cut
  • A woman on a log flume had an even worse hair day – losing her wig altogether

Everyone has bad days, but sometimes we mess something up so badly, all we can do is laugh about it.

Luckily, plenty of people have a good sense of humour and will even take photos of their failures so the rest of us can have a good laugh about it.

Bored Panda has collected some of the most hilarious fails that have been captured on camera, including a UK dog lover who found out the hard way what would happen when his white poodle cross-breed frolicked on a freshly mowed lawn.

And a student based in the US accidentally called her professor a ‘b**ch’ when autocorrect chipped in with its very unhelpful spelling suggestion. 

Another US woman was so preoccupied trying to protect her dignity by clutching her bikini top for dear life on a waterslide that she ended up losing her wig instead.

Someone was nearby to capture the moment in real-time, as the wig was left behind when she slid down a vertical drop.

From people with questionable driving skills, and a red faced father who took his daughter’s princess towel to the gym by accident- one thing this photos won’t fail to do is make you laugh out loud.

Here are FEMAIL’s top picks of funniest photo fails from around the world. 

If the Grinch had a dog this would be it. A UK man snapped his white poodle cross after  it zipped across his freshly mown lawn – going from pristine to green in seconds

A pine-ful way to find out! This US man had a look down a hole and found out there was a porcupine hiding inside… but at least he got a free acupuncture session

A German driver decided to park in an unusual place…. the photographer of this unfortunate incident said: ‘They really should stop the elderly driving’

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A US-based father was left red-faced when he snatched a towel in the dark while his wife was sleeping, we’re sure he was the Belle of the gym changing rooms when he pulled out this fabulous towel belonging to his daughter

A US dog owner saw the funny side of their dog’s pricey operation – and had the rock he had eaten (and a zip that ended up in the pooch’s colon) boxed up with their own plaques

Something to declare? A US couple went on a trip and as they were stopped by customs at the border a VERY unexpected reptilian guest slithered out

A UK man got a little more than he bargained for when he went to the barber for a trim and a shave. Claiming the hairdresser had ‘mowed his head’, he mourned the strip of hair he had been left without

If there was ever going to be a zombie apocalypse, this two-year-old lunchbox might be the cause. This UK man admitted he didn’t open it for ‘fear of causing the next pandemic’

Dog of Doom: This US gaming fan was left fuming when his dog decided to eat on a signed copy of the popular 90’s game Doom. The game is no longer priceless, but we bet his face was

This LA Maserati driver was probably exceedingly miser-ati when a can of white paint was flung all over the luxury car after a shopping trip

When life gives you watermelons…. this US fruit grower has been waiting patiently to cut open their lovingly cared for home-grown watermelon, only to find the skin to melon ratio highly unsatisfying

Don’t lose your hair over it! This US water park visitor was so concerned with keeping her bikini top on she forgot about her wig, with a perfectly-placed camera capturing the exact moment the hairpiece flew off from her head 

Legend has it that the best archers can shoot an apple from a distance and it seems that modern archery follows the same concept – Except this UK-based archer’s apple was probably a tad more expensive to replace.

Studying can be a bi***! This embarrassed US student accidently let autocorrect take the lead when she text her professor, for someone studying forensics – she should have been more observant! 

US based Domenic Merenda went viral after he posted his Costco membership card fail on Reddit – as they captured him mid-sneeze. He posted to the forum saying: ‘So Costco apparently doesn’t re-take membership card photos if you sneeze’

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