People are just realising what the buttons on your McDonalds drink are for

A TikToker believes they've found a "new feature" on McDonald's drinks – and claimed they can turn them into sippy cups.

The customer, from Australia, showed how the trick worked on TikTok and said: "I've gone the last 23 years of my life not knowing about this…"

He picks up an iced drink, which comes in the usual packaging with a paper cup and a plastic lid.

The Maccies fan then points the lid towards the camera to give viewers a look at it – showing the lid has raised buttons on the top, as well as rectangular ridges.

He pushes one of the rectangular blocks down to create a hole to drink out of, like you would see with a takeaway coffee cup.

The trick has left many viewers puzzled – with many questioning if the hidden function was "intended" or not.

"No way – I'm going to McDonald's and trying it," one said.

And a second shared: "I forgot to take a straw one time and had to drink without the lid. How did I not see this?"

Some pointed out the lid design could differ from country to country, with a punter commenting: "Well over here in the UK, this is definitely not a thing."

"They use paper lids now, so it's impossible to find this one," another wrote.

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Previously, a Maccies worker explained how they use the lid buttons to highlight which drinks are inside the cups.

The buttons are usually marked as "Diet", "Light", "No Caff" or "1" and "2".

"We usually just push one random button for Diet Coke and then either two random or all four buttons for Coke Zero," the employee answered.

"It’s just faster to push random buttons than spend the time to actually find the diet button on every lid I guess."

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