People share most traumatising messages exchanged with family members

Sharing is not always caring! People reveal the most outrageous messages they’ve received from their parents – including a mother desperate for their ‘uncool’ child to do drugs

  • Comical @YourSh***yFamily Instagram account shares awkward conversations
  • Page’s posts provide a wealth of entertainment for more than 1million followers 
  • Uploads range from brothers discussing their toilet habits to pushy parents encouraging their children to try drugs or sex work ‘to make them interesting’

At times there are no better people to embarrass you than the people who love you the most – your family. 

From brothers sharing their toilet triumphs to parents ‘pressuring’ their children into doing drugs, there really is nothing off limits. 

More than one million people follow the Instagram account @YourSh****Family, believed to be run from America, which collates the most awkward and cringey text messages.

The hilarious profile features some of the most unusual interactions people have with their family members which are submitted by members of the public.  

One mother left their child extremely confused when she messaged them to let them know she had found her phone after it gone missing. She found it in the most logical place of all – the fridge

After visiting their place, one mother felt the need to inform their child that the urine in their toilet was actually their father’s as opposed to hers – citing his inability to flush the toilet in her apology

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Concerned mother: This man received a rather unusual text from his mother that he was not expecting when she asked him if he was sweating down below

Sometimes there are concerned mothers and other times there are relaxed mothers who cannot cope with their children’s dramatics – such as this one who seemed unfazed by her child’s alarming response

Motherly love: Another mother gave her child some questionable advice when she suggested a range of things they could do to make them a ‘bit more interesting’ – including getting abducted, sex work, selling their kidneys or changing their last name

Cool mom: In an unusual interaction with their mother, this person was shocked when their mother explained the reason they had been feeling ‘funny’ was because they had forgotten they had ‘eaten an edible’

The coronavirus pandemic had taken its toll on this person, so much so that they asked their mother to ‘slap them into next year’, and they were surprised to find their mother was more than willing to oblige

Brotherly love: This young woman was less than pleased when she asked for an opinion about her new look and her comical brother told her she looked like her grandmother

This mother’s concern was a little less conventional than usual, encouraging her child to take drugs in order to have ‘cool stories’ to tell when they are older

A father was left with no other option but to use his children to find out when his anniversary with their mother is, to avoid an awkward conversation

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