People think I’m this sex-crazed woman, f***ing everyone, but Im vanilla

Sky Bri has revealed she become frustrated at people's perceptions of her as an OnlyFans adult content creator and that rather than being sex-crazed she is "actually vanilla".

Sky's erotic career saw a meteoric rise after her steamy videos on OnlyFans, often working with best pal Rara Knupps, went viral, garnering a following of 1.8million on Instagram.

Yet the 24-year-old's fame has not been enough to convince people that it was all her own choice, and has previously appeared on the OnlyStans podcast sharing the struggles she has gone through.

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The profession that gained the social media influencer notoriety has reportedly come to an end as Sky has decided to change course.

According to a source, multiple factors persuaded the beauty to make the decision, including online hate.

However, Sky also apparently decided to quit creating adult content as she felt that the erotic material was repellent to her.

She has said: "Literally, I shoot a scene twice a month. And people act like I'm this sex-crazed woman, out here f****** everyone, but I'm very vanilla, I just want love."

However, Bri is still active on her social media accounts, keeping her fans engaged with her sultry posts on Instagram.

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The model previously revealed with host Glenny Ball on Barstool’s OnlyStans podcast that one source of disappointment was that her family, apart from her mum, did not support her part in the profession that won her enormous fame and a $2m (£1.6m) fortune.

She has said: "I live like I'm broke. I don't spend any of my money; all the money that I've made over the last year is saved up."

Sky once discussed that she wanted to take retirement from the profession one day and move to San Diego and have a pet and two kids.


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