Please enjoy this cat politely waiting in line for ice cream

While many of us may be rushing out to buy snacks and booze this Super Saturday, here’s a reminder that some are still maintaining grace and decorum.

By some, we mean cats, not some particularly polite people.

Siamese kitty Podge, from Rochford, Essex, was photographed patiently waiting in line for her ice cream from the van on Wednesday.

The picture has now been spread all over the internet and made Podge a bit of an online celebrity.

Podge had decided to follow her owner Danielle Corsbie and boyfriend Daniel Salway, both 28, out to the ice cream van.

Rather than storming ahead and miaowing at the ice cream van’s driver, she decided to sit in the queue – even maintaining the proper social distance.

While Podge didn’t end up getting a 99 cone, she was rewarded for her etiquette with a tub from an ice cream brand who spotted her photo, Rossi’s.

She had a sniff of the ice cream but ultimately decided she wasn’t interested. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

Security guard Danielle said: ‘It’s so funny. The photo has been viewed as far away as the USA, Canada and New Zealand. We never expected this.

‘Me and my other half heard the ice cream van on Wednesday and we thought, let’s go and get some.

‘We went out, and our neighbour got in the line behind us, but then I heard my mum calling me to turn around, and there was Podge at the back behind our neighbour.

‘The ice-cream man thought it was really funny, too.

‘She’s quite a picky eater, and cats aren’t supposed to have dairy – so I’ve hidden [the tub] away in the freezer to enjoy it for myself.’

Danielle, who adopted four-year-old Podge as a rescue cat just before the Siamese moggy turned one, also has another cat, Betsy.

She said: ‘Podge is the one that follows us around everywhere.

‘If we’re going out for a walk, we have to make sure we’re out of sight of Podge, otherwise she’ll try and come with us. It’s like having a dog.’

After the photo of Podge queuing became such a hit online, Danielle has now set her cat up with her own Facebook page – Podge The Cat.

‘It just something positive to make people smile during these times,’ she says.

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