Pluto Is Going Retrograde for the Next Six Months, So Get Ready for All Your Secrets to Be Revealed

It’s official: On Tuesday, April 27, Pluto will go retrograde in Capricorn for the next six months. In astrology, we associate Pluto with power, authority, ego, and secrets. And when moving in the sign of Capricorn, Pluto brings themes like discipline, strategy, morals, business and wealth.

Pluto is also a planet (yes, Pluto is still considered a planet in astrology—sorry, NASA!), associated with karma. And while Pluto is moving through Capricorn, it teaches us a karmic lesson about whether we’ve learned the proper amount of restraint to manifest the growth we say we desire.

As with all planets, when Pluto moves retrograde (meaning it appears to move backwards in its orbit from our POV here on Earth), its position will influence the way these themes show up in our inner lives. During the next six months, some of the secrets that we keep from ourselves may suddenly come around for realization and examination—and this may not be the most comfortable. Pluto loves transformation, so rest assured that what you learn during this retrograde period has the power to transform you by the time Pluto moves direct on October 7, 2021.

Read your horoscope below to find out where Pluto retrograde is coming for you this time around.


It’s time to examine the power dynamics within your outward-facing life and career. Are you where you would like to be at work? It could be time to brush up your resume or sharpen your skills so you can land a position that gives you what you deserve.


Where do your true commitments lie, Taurus? This is a time to examine your long-term goals and ensure they meet your personal goal of liberation. Remind yourself what it’s all for so you can stay motivated.


Some interesting financial themes could rise to the surface right now, showing you that you’re more tied to familial bonds than you may realize. You don’t have to repeat old cycles that you know aren’t working for you.


Pluto Retrograde will bring big changes to the power dynamics of your relationships with other people. Your intimate partnerships and boundaries are being tested to ensure they are solid, and secrets about the inner workings of your relationships are being brought to the surface.


If you reimagine your routines and habits, you can feel more powerful about your health and daily schedule. Your evaluation could even bring changes in your work life or with those you share space with.


What does pleasure mean to you, Virgo? How does it play into your enjoyment of things like creativity, sex, and romance? Consider how expression can bring more of what you need to your heart.


How are your family relationships right now? There could be hidden aspects at play between you and your loved ones that require your attention. Strengthen your bonds through asserting healthy boundaries, and you may find emotional understanding that heals.


Your communication style is being upgraded. If you want to be heard, you have to find the power in your own voice. It’s time to put serious thought into your truth, and make sure you’re speaking it. You’ll gain the respect of those you interact with by choosing honesty—and even better, you’ll respect yourself.

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What does worth mean to you? How do you go about accessing wealth on an intrinsic level? The power of your worth is established by what you deem worthy. Make sure you know what that is.


This is a time to reevaluate what you give to yourself, and how it affects your worldview. You already know you that set the precedent for what you accept from others by what you accept from yourself. Use this period to ensure that you’re showing up for yourself in an empowering way.


This Pluto Retrograde transit brings up your inner power dynamics. It’s time to get real about how you work for or against yourself. Remember, transformation of the self comes through honesty and discipline.


Examining your network can tell you a lot about your vision. Who you surround yourself with, both digitally and IRL, impacts the way you view your place in the world. Are you empowered by your surroundings, or debilitated by them?

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