Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s wedding with Clarke Gayford: Why there’ll be no honeymoon

Jacinda Ardern has revealed that being Prime Minister while having major life events doesn’t always align.

In fact, Ardern today confessed she won’t be heading away on a honeymoon after her Gisborne summer wedding to partner Clarke Gayford.

Chatting to MoreFM hosts Gary and Lana, Ardern was asked if she had any honeymoon plans in the works.

“No, no, I don’t. I’ll probably be going back to work,” the PM confessed.

Gary went on to ask Ardern if the idea of missing out on something like a honeymoon while in office “disturbs her”.

Ardern replied: “I guess it’s my choice, for having major life events while in this job. So, no one’s fault except my own. No complaints from us.”

And as for that niggly guest list, well it turns out the Prime Minister doesn’t have one yet, in fact, she hasn’t even thought about invitations and admitted, “I can hand on heart say I haven’t issued any.”

When it comes to which members of Parliament will be getting an invite, Ardern previously told Jono and Ben on The Hits that she was struggling to choose which members to include.

“This is actually a real-life dilemma, I have a lot of colleagues,” she joked.

She also let slip that the couple “finally got a date” for the wedding when chatting to Coast hosts Sam, Toni and Jason.

“That doesn’t mean we’ve told anyone yet, so I feel like we should probably put some invites out,” she revealed.

And although she wouldn’t be drawn on the exact date of the wedding, she said that it will take place this summer.

Ardern and Gayford got engaged Easter 2019 at Mahia during a break at Gayford’s family bach.

He proposed to her at the top of a hill with a diplomatic protection squad officer nearby.

News of the engagement only emerged because a reporter attending a Pike River ceremony saw the Art Deco-style ring on Ardern’s left hand and asked Ardern’s office about it.

The office later confirmed the news.

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