Proud Boys at war with female extremist rivals ‘Proud Girls’ as transphobic MMA fighter names herself ‘Den Mother’

THE Proud Boys are embroiled in a bizarre war of words with a transphobic MMA fighter who calls herself the "Den Mother" of a newly-formed rival group.

The far-right activists- who boast they are a male-only club of “Western chauvinists” – have branded Tara LaRosa and the Proud Girls"ridiculous" and told them to stick to raising kids.

Hitting back, the cage fighter branded them "crybaby P**ker Boys" and boasted “I am tougher than 99% of you alleged men", reports the Daily Beast.

Trouble is said to have flared when the martial artist – who has previously marched alongside the Proud Boys – set up a transphobic Telegram channel called Proud Girls USA.

Within hours, the ProudBoysUSA channel had labelled it a “ridiculous” idea telling its members not to “ride our coattails.”

They then declared: “Want to support us? Get married, have babies, and take care of your family.”

A later post on the Oklahoma Proud Boys channel made similar sexist comments.

It read: "This is a men's club. If you're not in a relationship with a Proud Boy, at worst, you're a groupie."

The next day LaRosa – who hascompeted in Invicta FC – ramped up the row by declaring herself the  “Noble Den Mother” of the Proud Girls.

A post stated: “She will lead us to wreck antifa like even the PBs have not. She could probably beat up any Proud Boy in the world.”

LaRosa, 42, marched with the Proud Boys through the streets of Washington DC in November and was seen with some of the hate-fueled group's leaders.

And she claims her group has received the support of the presidents of PB chapters in New York City, South Carolina, and Idaho.

A group called the Proud Boys’ Girls was first launched on Facebook in 2016 with just a few thousand followers, says the Daily Beast report.

It was highlighted in an FBI report which labelled the Proud Boys an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.”

Although that Facebook account closed two years ago, a Telegram channel by that name then opened this year.

LaRosa, is 22-5 as a professional mixed martial artist who made her debut in the sport in 2002.

The 42 year old's last fight was in 2015, when she picked up a win over Katie Howard on the back of a string of losses.

The Proud Boys is an alt-right organization launched in New York City in 2016 which has been classified a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

It has appeared alongside other alt-right groups at extremist gatherings, including the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2018 that left counter-protester Heather Heyer dead and 19 others injured.

It's been reported there are fears the organization and other extremists could spark violence on the streets once President Trump leaves office.

Political analyst Jason Johnson told MSNBC he expects far-right groups to replicate the sort of ugly scenes seen in DC earlier this month.

The Proud Boys hit the headlines at the end of September when President Trump told them to "stand back and stand by."

Those words and Trump’s overall failure to forcefully condemn white supremacists at the debate drew widespread criticism on social media.

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