retaW Reimagines Classic Scents Into Easy-to-Use Fragrance Sticks

Japanese label retaW has expanded its fragrance line, moving from liquid to solid fragrance.

These new lipstick-esque fragrance sticks enable effortless application while keeping your fingers clean. The compact black/silver tube also makes it easy to carry around in pockets or pouches. You can simply apply the scents onto the wrist or neck where it will gently expand upon contact with body heat. The lineup includes four types of classic scents – NATURAL MYSTIC* (spicy notes with patchouli and vanilla), ALLEN* (floral lily), EVELYN* (fruity blend with bergamot and champagne), and BARNEY* (clean soap with cedarwood).

Priced at ¥2,970 JPY (approximately $27 USD), the retaW fragrance stick will be available for purchase from June 5 at the company’s web store.

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