‘RHONJ’ husbands think up hilarious ‘Housewives’ taglines

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The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” may know how to throw out a zinger, but it’s their husbands who reign supreme in the tagline department.

Bravo put together a hilarious “Real Househusbands” video that shows the guys of “RHONJ” coming up with their own creative taglines.

“I don’t know how the other men rank but remember, there’s a reason they call me, ‘Big Frank,’” Frank Catania, who is Dolores Catania’s ex-husband, says to kick things off in the video.

Joe Gorga, Evan Goldschneider, Bill Aydin and Joe Benigno also took part in the video shown on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

“I always wear the pants, even if my wife picks out the shirt,” quips Benigno, who is Margaret Josephs’ other half.

Jennifer Aydin’s husband Bill followed up with, “I’m the only Bill my husband is responsible for,” while Jackie Goldschneider’s hubby Evan made a not-so-subtle nod to a past cheating rumor spread by cast member Teresa Giudice earlier this season.

“The only stuff that I’m doing at the gym is turning heads,” Evan says.

To close out the intro, Gorga gave a shoutout to wife Melissa, amid a rocky season that depicted cracks in their marriage.

“If you envy my wife, get a load of my life,” says Gorga, giving nod his wife’s fashion boutique Envy.

Bravo fans showered New Jersey’s “Househusbands” with love on Twitter after the segment aired.

“I’m the only Bill my wife is responsible for !!! Ahahahahaahha amazing!!!!” one fan exclaimed.

Another fan wished the Garden State’s breakout stars would get their own show, tweeting: “They’re so funny, and they’re all good sports. The Wives could learn something from them.”

Another fan went so far as to say: “Literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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