RMR Taps Westside Gunn for New "Welfare" Music Video

Mysterious ski-masked rapper RMR doesn’t have any plans on an unmasking, at least anytime soon. Instead, he’s focusing on delivering a singular sound full of melodies, a country-inspired twang and instrumentals that are as left-field as his persona. His intro to his debut EP Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art is perhaps the most traditionally structured track on the project as “Welfare” taps Westside Gunn as the first voice you hear on the project. Today RMR (pronounced Rumor) drops off the new music video.

The visual goes to the projects of numerous cities and contrasts with RMR rapping in a warehouse full of stacks of cash. His crew is dressed in similar ski-masks as the Griselda Records leader supports in the background of numerous scenes. It’s a simple aesthetic offering similar to his original “RASCAL” video that helped RMR burst onto the scene in the first place.

“I’m wearing this mask because the world wears a mask. Everybody wears a mask,” RMR told HYPEBEAST in our “RMR on the Endless Influences That Move the Man Behind the Mask” feature. “You’re interviewing me but at the same time this isn’t you when you go around your significant other or your family or your friends. Then you put on a different mask or maybe, hopefully, take the mask off. I’m a mirror for the world, you feel me? I’m what they’re looking at.”

“Welfare” follows past releases like his high-profile “DEALER” Remix featuring Lil Baby and Future and his “Rascal” Remix featuring Young Thug.

Watch RMR’s latest music video above. In more music news, Ian Isiah shared his new post-gender funk project AUNTIE produced by entirely by Chromeo.

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