Rosamund Pike Joins Protest Outside Russia’s London Embassy

Rosamund Pike was among a group protesting Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine outside the Russian Embassy in London on Sunday, March 20.

The Frontline Club for journalists was behind the action, which was dubbed #StraightFromTheFrontline and protested the killing of reporters during the conflict. It also saw the group beam the colors of the Ukrainian flag onto the embassy building.

A video from the Club showed Pike front and centre among a line of people holding up images of journalists who have lost their lives during fighting.

Byline TV interviewed Pike at the scene, posting a video to social media, in which she said: “Journalists bring us the truth from the ground, they bear witness to what’s truly going on and report without bias or prejudice. For that truth they are so often killed, it happens all over the world and is happening now in Ukraine, journalists are being targeted and not killed through accidents, whatever people are trying to make us believe.”

“The people we have in our arms today above our heads have all been killed in the last two weeks. It has to stop because we need the stories, the world needs the truth,” she added.

According to the Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign, six journalists have been killed while working in Ukraine, while dozens have been wounded and two have been kidnapped by Russian forces.

Here’s the video of Pike at the protest:

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