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LOOKING to switch to a natural deodorant? Read on for our Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant review.

Whatever your stance on skincare products and the chemicals they contain, one thing's for sure: the skin is the largest organ of the body, so what we choose to put on it will have an impact. And that includes our deodorants.

  • Salt of the Earth Classic Natural Crystal Stick Deodorant 90ml, £4.85 from Boots – buy here

Step in: Salt of the Earth. Established in the nineties, the brand's focus on 'environmentally friendly, natural skincare products that are as effective as they are ethical' has won over legions of fans – and plenty of awards in the process.

Made from nothing but pure mineral salt, the classic crystal deodorant is the O.G. product and still going strong over 20 years later – so we jumped at the chance to put it to the test.

Overall rating: 4/5


  • Made from 100% natural pure mineral salt
  • Free from fragrance, aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol and parabens
  • Leaves no white marks
  • Solid formula is perfect for travelling
  • Lasts ages


  • Going aluminium-free means it doesn't 'block' sweat glands in the same way as an antiperspirant
  • Drags on the skin slightly, if you don't wet it enough
  • Takes a few weeks to adjust to, if you're coming off 'regular' deodorant
  • Effective but not the best for intensive exercise

Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant review: first impressions

  • Salt of the Earth Classic Natural Crystal Stick Deodorant 90ml, £4.85 from Boots – buy here

If you've never used a crystal deodorant before, then the solid stick formulation may throw you slightly – 'can this thing really work?' was certainly our reaction the first time we set eyes on one.

Salt of the Earth's range has evolved into sprays, roll-ons, balms and more since it first launched the Classic Crystal – so it's no surprise that our first impressions were that this is a super no-frills product.

There are no gimmicks, no fancy packaging – just a simple solid stick. Speaking of packaging: it's worth noting that this original version of the deodorant comes in a plastic applicator, but the brand has since launched a plastic-free version that's supplied in a cardboard box.


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Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant review: performance

  • Ingredients: 100% natural mineral salts
  • Size: 90g

Applying the Classic Crystal deodorant isn't quite as straightforward as a standard roll-on – but it's still pretty easy.

As the stick is dry, you'll either have to apply it to damp skin straight from the shower or alternatively, you can wet the stick itself and then apply. We chose to go for the latter, as we found that even with damp skin, the deodorant drags slightly and doesn't comfortably glide.

We applied the product fairly liberally (hey, we weren't taking any chances) and used it over a period of a week to test it. One thing we'll say is that we've been aluminium-free with our deodorant for some time, so there was no need to adjust to that side of things. But stick through the first couple of weeks if you're new to it, as you're effectively detoxing from antiperspirants – which literally block your sweat ducts.

There may be some odour at first (full disclosure: you may smell 'funkier' than usual) but after a few weeks, your body settles down and you'll be able to feel the benefits of your new deodorant.

Having already been through that, using this deodorant was a breeze. For everyday gentle activity, we stayed completely dry and odour-free.

However, as with any natural deodorant, intensive exercise is of course, where the product won't prevent you from sweating – and we did notice a slight odour after our workouts on the exercise bike.

Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant review: how much does it cost?

  • Salt of the Earth Classic Natural Crystal Stick Deodorant 90ml, £4.85 from Boots – buy here

Salt of the Earth's Classic Crystal deodorant is available to purchase directly from the brand for £5.49, but we've seen it cheaper at the likes of Boots where it retails for £4.85 and Holland & Barrett which currently has 25% off – bringing it down to £4.11.

The verdict: is Salt of the Earth Classic crystal deodorant worth the money?

Yes, it may be a little more expensive than the cheapest of budget deodorants you can pick up from the supermarket. But for under a fiver, the Classic Crystal deodorant lasts for ages, keeps pits dry and odour free, and gives you the peace of mind of being a completely natural product – with no controversial chemicals like aluminium and parabens.

Using a natural aluminium-free deodorant does mean sacrificing the benefits of an antiperspirant which keeps you drier during heatwaves and intense exercise. However, it all comes down to personal preference, and we'd rather sweat a bit more than rely on nasty chemicals that artificially block a natural bodily process. (Plus hello: there's showering.)

In terms of longevity, some reviewers say the crystal deodorant crumbles and disintegrates as it wears down and gets smaller – which we can totally see happening if we were to continue wetting it before each use and not drying it properly afterwards.

For that reason, Salt of The Earth's range of roll-on deodorants are definitely worth a look if you'd rather save the faff of wetting and drying your deodorant each time.

Bottom line? We were impressed with this crystal deodorant and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an effective and completely natural formula.

  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Sustainability: 4/5

Does Salt of the Earth deodorant contain aluminium?

That's a hard no. Salt of the Earth products are made from natural mineral salts, so they're free from aluminium chlorohydrate/chloride.

What they do contain is Potassium Alum, which Salt of the Earth explains is from the aluminium salt family.

Does Salt of the Earth deodorant work?

Bearing in mind that deodorant is simply a product that reduces body odour, then yes: Salt of the Earth is absolutely effective. However, many of us tend to use the term 'deodorant' as a catch-all for products that are also antiperspirants – aka formulas that plug your pores and stop you from sweating.

Salt of the Earth will keep you fresh and dry, but when it comes to intense weather or exercise – you will sweat, as your sweat glands aren't being blocked by chemicals.

How do you use Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant?

It's a given but we'll say it anyway: apply it to freshly washed skin for best results.

You can either roll it onto your pits while they're still damp from the shower or bath, or briefly run the stick under a tap to wet it for application (which we found the more comfortable of the two).

Is Salt of the Earth deodorant safe?

As a vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand, Salt of the Earth's deodorants are 100% natural and free from aluminium chlorohydrate and parabens, so they're perfectly safe – and even suitable for children aged 6 and above.

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