Sean Dyche: Burnley manager on Peter Crouch podcast – six things we learned

Sean Dyche is a legend. But we already knew that.

His many achievements on the pitch are well documented, but there are so many tall tales about Burnley’s long-serving manager off the pitch that it’s difficult to know what’s true and what’s fable.

Remember when it went around that the reason for his gruff voice was that he used to eat worms?

The liege lord of Lancashire is this week’s guest on the That Peter Crouch Podcast, and we were treated to more interesting insight.

Here are some of the takeaways…

1. Meeting Crouchy at Serge from Kasabian’s wedding

It doesn’t really get any more lad rock than that, does it?

Apparently the two hit it off there – and why wouldn’t they?

Dyche says he got to know Serge after Crouch did, so he didn’t get an invite to the day do. “I was like the hanger-on,” he says.

2. Giving a team talk to Danny Dyer

If you’re still reeling from the image of Dyche and Crouch hanging out at a wedding, let us now introduce another character to that scene – Daniel Dyer.

Dyche says he remembers, on the wedding day, sitting in the back of a taxi with the Kasabian songwriter and the EastEnders hard man.

“Danny Dyer asked me to do a team talk. Danny, I think it’s fair to say, had had a couple of lager shandies, I felt,” recalls Dyche, rather diplomatically.

3. Signing Crouchy after they went to the Isle of Wight Festival

Crouch says after they had met at Serge’s wedding and chatted about football, the lads bumped into each other again at the Isle of Wight Festival.

It was there that Crouch’s wife, Abbey, “became his agent” – pestering Dyche to take her husband to Burnley from Stoke.

For Dyche’s part, he jokes that his interest was piqued after realising the forward could get him into VIP areas, where even Serge couldn’t.

“There’s not many players I’ve half-signed at a gig,” adds the Clarets boss.

4. Trips to the Hacienda

“When I was younger, in ’87, I used to go to the Hacienda, and then it kind of morphed into the rave scene,” explains Dyche.

But he’s not tied to one genre. In the podcast, he explains how, with his two older brothers, he got introduced to punk, mod, ska, new romantic and dance music.

5. Getting up on the dance floor

Dyche says he loves a dance and, when he’s out on the floor, even does that universal gesture of appreciation for a banger: “The big overbite on the top lip, all that.”

Apparently, now Everton defender Michael Keane has a video of him giving it the big’un after Burnley got promoted to the Premier League.

Michael, if you’re reading this, you know what to do. Give the people what they want.

6. He’s a fan of Normal People

What’s Dyche been watching during lockdown?

He says that he’s been enjoying the BBC’s poignant adaptation of Sally Rooney’s teen drama, Normal People.

He does have a sensitive side then.

There is loads more in this week’s That Peter Crouch Podcast, available now on BBC Sounds.

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