Seiko Watch Corp. Names Akio Naito as President

Akio Naito has been named  president of Seiko Watch Corp., effective immediately. He succeeds Shuji Takahasi, who will become president of Seiko Holdings Corp. in June and transition to director of Seiko Watch Corp., which encompasses Seiko, Grand Seiko and Credor.

Shinji Hattori, current chairman and chief executive officer of Seiko Watch Corp., will step down from his post as ceo and remain chairman and group ceo, chief commercial officer of Seiko Holdings Corp. He will focus on the management of the entire group and ensure that it continues to make a positive contribution.

Seiko Holdings Corp. was founded 140 years ago by his great-grandfather, Kintaro Hattori.

Naito has held leadership roles in both Australia and Japan, as well as establishing Grand Seiko Corp. of America and Grand Seiko Europe. Most recently, he has been deputy chief operating officer, overseeing international markets outside of Japan for both the Seiko and Grand Seiko businesses.

“With his extensive experience in a variety of roles within our organization, I am certain Mr. Naito is the right person to lead SWC in this new era that is now dawning,” said Hattori. “He and his team will make our companies and our Seiko and Grand Seiko brands strong that ever in the years to come.”

Seiko Watch Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Holdings Corp.

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