Soimadou Ibrahim Navigates “In Deeds and Gestures” at WOAW Gallery

WOAW Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “In Deeds and Gestures” by French artist Soimadou Ibrahim. The exhibition, taking place at the gallery’s Hong Kong outpost, showcases 17 artworks created by Ibrahim this year. Running from May 19 to June 18, the exhibition marks the artist’s first solo show in Hong Kong.

Ibrahim’s latest artworks draw inspiration from his native Comoros and other parts of Africa. One recurring motif in his pieces is the ylang-ylang flower, symbolizing the beauty and richness of his homeland. Another significant symbol is the blue-bellied roller, a bird commonly found in various African regions, representing freedom and exploration. The birdwatcher is also highlighted as an important symbol, emphasizing the need to pay attention to the natural world and connect with the environment. Throughout the exhibition, Ibrahim celebrates the diversity and cultural richness of the African continent by depicting different characters and wildlife. Using bold strokes and vibrant colors, “In Deeds and Gestures” presents a visually captivating experience that encourages viewers to reflect on the importance of care and nurturing.

Ibrahim’s artwork not only urges viewers to connect with the environment and their communities but also emphasizes the preservation and celebration of diverse cultures. By incorporating elements from his own cultural heritage, the artist emphasizes the significance of self-care, community care, and environmental stewardship. “In Deeds and Gestures” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of these aspects, as Ibrahim himself sought to reconnect with his roots during the artistic process.

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Soimadou Ibrahim, born in 1989, is a French artist who explores themes such as family memories, post-coloniality, and humanity’s relationship with the natural environment. Growing up in the remote village of Itsinkoudi in the Comoros archipelago, Ibrahim developed a unique perspective on socio-economics, community, race, and his own French identity. His paintings convey the fleeting and delicate nature of life, advocating for harmonious coexistence with our surroundings.

The artist’s works are inspired by cherished moments of his life and incorporate elements from archival photographs, personal pictures, memories, and imagination. Each artwork highlights the importance of relationships, the beauty of nature, and the essence of life itself. Through straight lines, bold gestures, and vibrant colors influenced by his background in graphic design and art, Ibrahim’s paintings also underscore the endurance and timeless nature of memories, encouraging each individual to preserve their own.

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