Song You Need to Know: Karlea Boyer, 'I Could Use a Drink'

Karlea Boyer is having a hard time wrapping her head around a breakup. She doesn’t need much besides maybe some Hennessy with her besties on “I Could Use a Drink.”

Boyer sings with gusto about how she’s processing her broken heart, no longer wanting to cry or think about what she’s going through. As she envisions the escapist fun of drinking with her friends, the song bubbles into pop bliss. “I Could Use a Drink” feels like a lost Pussycat Dolls hit, with a dance-pop lightheartedness that is prime for dance floors once it’s safe to again be crowding on one with friends. Until then, the single is good enough to prompt a few solo, tipsy, at-home dance parties when necessary.

Born in China and raised in Kansas, Boyer worked as a model prior to launching her music career. “I Could Use a Drink” is her official debut.

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