Stacey Solomon opens up on anxiety attacks as she talks being unable to breathe

BraveStacey Solomonhas revealed the harsh realities of suffering with anxiety and panic attacks in a candid admission to her adoring fans.

TheLoose Womenstar lifted the lid on her battle with mental ill health in an honest Instagram post to her 3.7 million followers on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old has admitted to being left unable to breathe and riddled with fear when anxiety takes hold.

The mum-of-three had enjoyed a lovely day with her boys Zach, 12, Leighton, 8 and one-year-old Rex, before suddenly being hit with a wave of dread.

Stacey grappled with trying to understand why she was suddenly feeling so awful on her Instagram story.

The telly star opened up to her fans about how she was feeling: "Just got a massive wave of anxiety for no reason whatsoever.

"Had a great day, and nothing has happened. It’s just decided to rear its head and say ‘Hi Stace, I thought it had been a while since your palms sweated profusely and your heart felt like it was holding its breath, so here I am."

Stacey wrote the lengthy caption to her fans, in which she described her symptoms, alongside a snap of herself holding a cup of tea and preparing to make a cheesecake in a bid to distract her mind and keep herself busy.

She continued: "Might as well use it to my advantage and bake a cheesecake. Because sitting still right now isn’t an option."

Following the baking session, Stacey settled on the sofa with her oldest son to watch an episode of Brooklyn 99 in an attempt to further tear her away from her intrusive thoughts.

But the bubbly TV personality couldn’t relax as one of the characters on the hit comedy was also suffering with anxiety and had a panic attack.

Stacey heartbreakingly revealed how she could relate as the character cried out that he’d forgotten how to breathe while he desperately tried to catch his breath.

Her candid admission and documentation of her process of trying to calm herself has lead to fans hailing the mum their hero.

Stacey’s post comes just days after she was forced to to hit back at cruel trolls once again, after she faced a barrage of criticism online.

The star proved she’s not letting nasty comments get her down after she was mocked for having arm hair.

She was shamed by a follower for having hairy arms in a snap where she’d shown off her fresh new manicure.

A nasty troll sent Stacey a message criticising her arm fuzz, but the telly star was quick to hit back.

Stacey defiantly took to her story to let fans know she "loves" her hairy arms and even joked she "saves a fortune on thermals" because of them.

The Loose Women panellist followed up the post with another, cracking herself up as she joked she "needs an electric trimmer" to trim her "bush" – proving she’s really not bothered about body hair.

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