Steph Curry Talks Klay Thompson's Return to the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are gearing up for Klay Thompson‘s comeback for the upcoming NBA season the best way they know-how. Working on chemistry and getting back into the groove, Steph Curry recently discussed having the other half of the Splash Brothers back on the court and the new makeup of the team.

Curry recently revealed to The Athletic that he sees the team’s “commitment” to playing Warrior’s style basketball. The shooter discusses the improvement the team has made on their offensive plays, even sharing that “Jordane Poole has just been a superstar in terms of taking advantage of his opportunity and continuing to get better, the work he puts in, and obviously he’s shown that early. He has a prime opportunity to be a sparkplug for us all year long.”

The Warriors veteran also talks about the evolution of the team’s game and what it means to have Thompson back on the court,

“It’s just a matter of figuring out what our rotation is, and understanding that he’s going to take us to another level. We’ve almost got like three seasons in one. It’s like the anticipation for Klay coming back; whenever he does come back, that first, maybe, month or six weeks, where you figure out what he looks like and getting his legs underneath him, and then you have the playoff push. We’re kind of breaking it up into those segments and hopefully we take care of our business.”

Golden State Warriors play the Los Angeles Lakers for their season opener on October 20.

In other sports news, Pau Gasol has officially retired from basketball.
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