Student with 32HH boobs crowdfunds to raise money for breast reduction

A 20-year-old student who experiences ‘unbearable back pain’ is crowdfunding to pay for breast reduction surgery.

Aminata Daboh, from Birmingham, has 32HH breasts which she says cause physical and mental distress.

The law and business management student has been told by doctors that it’s ‘unlikely’ she can get the treatment funded by the NHS.

So she started a GoFundMe page to raise enough money to do the surgery privately.

At the moment, Aminata has raised £1,700 towards the £4,000 treatment.

Her large breasts have led to stares from strangers as well as comments from people in her life.

Aminata says the father of her ex-boyfriend questioned whether she was a virgin due to her breast size.

She’s also been likened to a porn star or called ‘the girl with the big breasts’.

Aminata tried to look into getting it funded on the NHS as the size causes her back pain and mean she can’t exercise as she used to.

The student is also unable to find any sports bras in her size.

She wrote an impassioned plea on her crowdfunding page, saying: ‘From when I was in year 6, my breasts started growing at a really rapid rate and by the time I was in year 10 I was a 32JJ which is incredibly big for a 5’2, 14/15-year-old in secondary school.

‘I was always slightly insecure about my body but as I got older it became worse. 

‘Eventually a family member introduced me to the prospect of a breast reduction surgery.’

Who can get breast reduction on the NHS?

Aminata continued: ‘On the outside, having big breasts looks good to some people however it’s a constant weight to carry. I am now 5’4 and have a quite a small frame and my breasts are a currently a 32H. 

‘I have to literally wear a bra with EVERYTHING and if you’re a girl, you already know how agonising and inconvenient that can be! It’s also painful because my back is constantly sore and my bra straps dig into my shoulders and leave indentations. 

‘I do take light pain killers when I am in pain to help relieve it but it’s not something I want to continue doing.’

Aminata added that certain clothes expose her to unwarranted attention, causing her to feel ‘really anxious and unsafe a lot of the time.’

You can donate to her cause on the GoFundMe website.

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