Syrup nails are the trending way to get a quiet luxury manicure

After months of Barbie pink, lemon girl summer, and mermaid core blues and glitters, it seems everyone is on the lookout for a manicure that’s a little more understated.

Although Hailey Bieber’s signature glazed donut nails have become many people’s go-tos for a natural looking design with a little bit of flair, it seems TikTok has found a brand new way of getting a subtle manicure; syrup nails.

The trend may have originated in Japan back in 2015, but it was its popularity in Korea that brought it to global attention thanks to everyone’s current obsession with K-beauty trends.

Syrup nails are an ultra glossy sheer manicure that uses just one transluscent colour to create an ombré effect, with a syrup-inspired finish that makes them the perfect addition to the quiet luxury aesthetic that’s dominating at the moment.

Nick Drewe, Beauty Trend Expert at Online Discount PlatformWethrift, said: “We’re seeing more people gravitate towards more natural, clean-looking manicures, like classic French tips, soft nudes, subtle pinks and minimalistic nail designs. This embodies the elegance of simplicity and the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic, which is trending right now.

“As we embrace the warmer weather, venture on European vacations and enjoy summer celebrations, we’re seeing a new era of minimalistic fashion and beauty – and natural nails are at the core of the latest beauty trends, so it comes at no surprise that this nail look is making its way around the beauty industry. The simple, yet glamorous essence of the manicure makes it a crowd pleaser for those who may have elegant summer day parties to attend.”

With #syrupnails currently racking up 8.1 million views and counting on TikTok, it’s clear this is the trend du jour, and thankfully it couldn’t be easier to replicate at home.

It’s up to you whether you decide to stick to neutral colours, such as beiges and whites, or go for a colourful twist on the trend, but no matter what shade you pick, the process is exactly the same.

You’ll need a nail varnish with a sheer finish, like Barry M’s Rose Tinted Nail Paint, £3.99 here, as this is the secret to the syrup finish.

Although you can pick any hue you want, darker shades like red, blue and green will create a more traditional ombré effect, so you want to choose pastel or neutral shades that are sheer enough to create the translucent syrup look. You can also mix a clear nail varnish with your colour of choice to make it more see through.

Start by applying a base coat to your nails, before adding your chosen shade to the tips of your nails. Wait for it to dry, then apply a second coat, bringing it further down than your first coat. Repeat this process three times until your colour creates a subtle gradient down your nail.

Once you’ve created your gradient, apply a sheer, high-gloss top coat like the Natural Collection Gel Shine Top Coat, £1.99 here, to create that dripping, syrup effect that makes the trend so popular.

The perfect combination of glazed donut nails and jelly nails, the latest sugary-sweet manicure trend is the best of both worlds, delivering a sheer, versatile look that still has a little added oomph to make it special.

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