Tesco sparks heated debate after asking which aisle Jaffa Jonuts belong in

Are Jaffa Cakes biscuits or cakes? It’s a question that’s raged on for years.

And now, it looks like we’ve got another McVitie’s argument to sink our teeth into.

McVitie's Jaffa Jonuts haven't barely even hit shelves yet but they're causing a stir.

The hybrid of Jaffa Cakes and doughnuts hit Tesco on May 16 – and the supermarket sparked debate by asking which aisle they should go in.

It tweeted: "Ok people, we need your help. Which aisle should we stock the brand-new Jaffa Jonuts? The cake, biscuit or donut aisle. Answers below."

According to Birmingham Live, customers couldn’t agree where to put the product.

One wrote: "Put some in cake aisle, some in biscuit aisle and a stand near doughnuts."

A second said: "Next to the Jaffa Cake Bars – in the Bakery/cake area would be best as nearer to doughnuts ranges."

A third suggested: "Cake, it has the donut shape but consistency more like a cake.

"I'm sure most will be in a prime end of aisle position though.”

Another added: “Biscuit aisle and a promo stand at the front of store.”

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And a fifth declared: "The correct answer is of course, all three! These are bound to be a popular product."

Some didn't care though as long as they could get their hands on the new treats.

One said: "Just put them straight in my trolley."

And another joked: “My mouth aisle.”

So will you be picking up some Jaffa Jonuts this month? Let us know below.

The Jonut and the Berry Cool blackcurrant will join the existing and much-loved McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes range – The original orange, playful pineapple, the recently launched cheeky cherry and party passion fruit flavours, that are available to buy at Tesco., Morrisons,Sainsbury's and Asda.

Anyone wanting to get their hands on the new tasty Berry Cool flavour Jaffa Cakes while waiting for the Jonuts' release date, can find their nearest Tesco using the store locator.

Biscuit fans wanting to try something tasty and new can also get the latest KitKats to hit the shelves at B&M – the gooey caramel and mint cookie fudge KitKats for £1.29.

All McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes sharing boxes can be recycled through its partnership with TerraCycle. Find your nearest drop-off point at TerraCycle.co.uk

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