The 13 Biggest Lawsuits The Kardashians Have Faced

Any publicity is good publicity, right? That seems like something Kris Jenner would say, but she may not agree that the following legal woes were good for her family’s reputation. The Kardashian-Jenners have been involved in plenty of lawsuits over the years, but they don’t always come out on the winning side. Below, we take a look at the family’s most explosive lawsuits, though the list is continuing to grow.

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13 Kardashian Beauty Caused A Years-Long Lawsuit

Before there was KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, there was Kardashian Beauty (formerly known as Khroma Beauty). Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe were the face of the self-named brand in their early days of fame.

Even though Kardashian Beauty has been for years, the family only recently settled a lawsuit regarding the brand in 2021.

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The Kardashians alleged they weren’t paid in full for the brand, while their business partners Hillair Capital and Haven Beauty said they didn’t properly promote it. Ultimately, the Kardashians were awarded $11.5 million in royalties.

12 Kendall & Kylie’s Pac Sun Collaboration Got Them In Trouble

In 2015, Kendall and Kylie were named in a lawsuit that claimed their Pac Sun clothing line committed a trademark infringement when it used the slogan “RUN AWAY, FALL IN LOVE, NEVER RETURN” on a t-shirt.

11 Blac Chyna Sued After Her Reality Show Was Cancelled

Blac Chyna’s explosive relationship with Rob Kardashian was documented on their brief reality show Rob & Chyna. However, it was cancelled after their dramatic break-up in 2017, which saw Rob posting Chyna’s nudes online and her alleging extensive abuse.

Chyna accused his family of influencing E! Network to cancel the show, and she was seeking $100 million in damages.

After a lengthy trial, a judge dismissed the case. Chyna has vowed to appeal the decision, with her mother Tokyo Toni even starting a GoFundMe page to afford the legal fees. So far, Chyna hasn’t taken the case back to court.

10 Chyna Is Suing Rob Over Their Explosive Relationship

Chyna is still engaged in an ongoing lawsuit with Rob, whom she shares 5-year-old daughter Dream with. She’s seeking damages after Rob released her nudes and phone number as well as made a series of accusations on social media, including allegations that Chyna does drugs.

9 Rob Was Suing Chyna, But Later Dropped It

It was tit for tat, apparently, as Rob filed his own lawsuit against Chyna following their 2017 break-up. He accused her of assault, saying Chyna tried to choke him with an iPhone cable following an incident at his sister Kylie Jenner’s home. He also said Chyna caused $100,000 in damages to Kylie’s place.

However, Rob withdrew the lawsuit in February 2022. He released a statement saying he believes it’s in the best interest of their daughter.

8 Kim & Kylie’s Businesses Were Sued For Shady Practices

In 2020, Seed Beauty – the manufacturer of Kylie and Kim’s beauty brands – sued the sisters for allegedly misappropriating trade secrets.

The ongoing case claims Kylie Cosmetics and its LLC, King Kylie, shared “intellectual property” with Coty Inc, who had recently paid $600 million to buy half of Kylie’s beauty brand. Seed Beauty also alleges that KKW Beauty had released similar information to Coty, which also owns a stake in her company.

7 Kylie Has Also Been Sued For Stealing An Artist’s Work

Kylie has faced multiple accusations over the years of copying other people’s work for her brands and businesses. In 2020, she was sued by L.A. makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, who said one of her images was used without permission for a Kylie Cosmetics campaign.

6 One Lawsuit Called Kim’s SKIMS Body Tape Dangerous

In August 2022, a lawsuit was launched against Kim’s company SKIMS by a woman who said their body tape caused damage to her skim.

However, Kim’s team claims the woman bought a counterfeit version of SKIMS’ body tape from Amazon, which isn’t an authorized seller. The case remains ongoing.

5 Kylie (Unsuccessfully) Tried To Steal A Singer’s Trademark

After she attempted to trademark her first name, Kylie faced a lawsuit from Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue, whose legal team argued it would be confusing and risk damaging her reputation and brand. Minogue ultimately won the case in 2017.

4 Kendall’s Tequila Brand Face Trouble As Soon As It Launched

Shortly after debuting Tequila 818 in February 2022, Kendall was hit with a lawsuit from a competitor, Tequila 512, who claimed the model’s brand directly copied their name and packaging. The case is ongoing.

3 Khloe Copied A Designer’s Work For Good American

In 2020, L.A. clothing brand d.bleu.dazzled launched a lawsuit against Khloe and Good American. The brand alleges they sent sample to Khloe to wear for personal use, but say she used the clothing as inspiration for her own designs.

The brand was seeking $10 million, but eventually dropped the case after reaching a confidential settlement with Khloe’s team.

2 Kim & Scott Are Being Sued For Scamming People On Instagram

Kim and Scott Disick (the former partner of Kourtney Kardashian) are embroiled in a $40 million lawsuit that claims they participated in an Instagram scam.

The whole Kardashian clan is known for advertising contests on social media, which ask their followers to follow a series of accounts to be entered. However, the lawsuit claims no legitimate winners were ever name and the prizes are nonexistent. The case is ongoing.

1 Kim’s New Skincare Brand Is Already In Legal Trouble

Kim debuted her expensive skincare line in early 2022, but by June, she was already facing a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit filed by a brand with a similar name.

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