The 4 Biggest Surprises Hidden in This Mind-Blowing Dollhouse

When you think of a dollhouse, those childhood memories instantly come flooding back. All the time spent dreaming up a life for your dolls, rearranging the furniture, and playing house. While Victorian manors come first to mind when thinking of a dollhouse, these days you can find intricate, larger-than-life options. And the L.O.L. Surprise OMG House of Surprises is no exception.

It’s a whopping four feet tall with four different floors and 10 themed rooms to inspire kids’ creativity and spark hours of imaginative play. Sure, it includes all of the traditional aspects of a dollhouse — a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom — but there are plenty of details that are probably on your personal dream home wish list. (Not to mention it comes fully furnished!)

Is there anything more nostalgic than an ’80s-themed diner? We don’t think so. This room features diner booths, a vintage jukebox, and, of course, classic diner food — mini ketchup and mustard bottles included. After the meal is finished, spin the booths around to reveal an in-home movie theater, perfect for lounging post-milkshake.

What really brings this dollhouse to the next level is the first-floor drive-through. The menu includes all of the classic fast food offerings — burgers, ice cream, waffle fries — plus, a few daily specials. Your OMG Fashion doll can pull up to the window and grab their favorite to-go order on the fly.

If there’s one way to cool off in the hot summer heat, it’s shooting down a slide into ice-cold water. The House of Surprises water slide is over three feet long and can hold up to three of your favorite OMG Fashion dolls. The dolls can slide down into the pool below — and yes, it really holds water!

A walk-in closet is on practically everyone’s home wish list. Turn your dream into a reality (albeit, a miniature one) with the House of Surprises. The closet has plenty of storage space for your doll’s everyday ‘fits. You’ll also find an art deco-inspired vanity with an Instagrammable neon sign perfect for any glam squad.

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