The best Labor Day sales on top-rated home fitness equipment

Bikini season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up your summer fitness routine.

To help you keep looking and feeling your best all year long, we rounded up some of our favorite home fitness gear that is on sale this week. Plus, since Labor Day Sales are already in full swing, you can use coupon code GOFORIT15 at checkout for an additional 15% off these already discounted products. Score!

Unlike standard treadmills, this non-motorized contraption features an innovative curved deck that is completely controlled by the movements and forces of the person running on it.

These elastic bands, which come in three different resistance levels, help to improve gait function, balance, and flexibility.

These elevated sliders are designed to stabilize your core and strengthen your body from head to toe. Miss pilates reformers? These are for you/

This medical-grade device utilizes whole-body vibration-technology to activate your muscles and improve your balance.

Varying from 10lbs to 30lbs resistance, these bands will take up a whole lot less space in your home than a set of dumbells.

Avoid injury with this portable sit-up tool that keeps your feet planted during exercises. It’s like having your personal trainer in your living room.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, this unique product aims to strengthen the muscles in your face, neck, and jaw. You can work on chiseling that jawline while you work from home.

Using innovative, applied fluid resistance technology, this rower delivers the impact of real, on-water rowing.

This resistance trainer easily attaches to any door in your house so that you can perform a high-intensity cardio workout even in small spaces. Not to mention it’s a lot more low impact than going for a jog.

This bundle includes loop resistance bands for strengthening the lower body, a stretch band for your upper body, an exercise tube for your arms and back, as well as exercise discs to tone your core. It’s all you need to get full-body workouts day in and day out from your living room.

This popular tracker keeps tabs on your workouts, sleep, steps, heart rate, and cardio so that you can meet your fitness goals—fast. This renewed version (note: limited stock available) works and looks like new, but comes at an incredible price.

Endorsed by professional athletes, this ax-shaped tool utilizes chopping motions for full-body cardio and strength training.

When you pair this highly-effective ab machine with an in-app virtual trainer, you can start sculpting your abs with only seven minutes of use a day.

After 18 years of fine-tuning, the Core46 is ready to tone, tighten, and strengthen all the muscles in your core, abs, lats, arms, lower back, and spine muscles. It doesn’t take a ton of movement to get big results.

This adjustable trainer is designed to pump up the sweat and boost water weight loss while working out.

Allow this at-home stairclimber to boost your overall stamina with its adjustable pace, heartrate monitor, and speed tracker.

This machine utilizes natural resistance, a smart handle, and wireless controls in order to mimic the experience of rowing on-water.

This isn’t your schoolyard jump rope. This rope features phone app integration to accurately count your jumps so that you can later see your progress.

Lose weight and tone your muscles with this resistance strap trainer that attaches to just about anything—and we mean, anything.

Train your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back, core, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and work up a sweat with this portable trainer.

Rated 4.3/5-stars on Amazon, this pocket-sized fitness device pairs with your smartphone so you can squeeze in a workout whenever you have the time.

This high-tech training system is equipped with built-in sensors that detect your resistance, calories burned, and force while counting your reps and exercise duration.

Using smart resistance technology, this fitness regimen improves cardiovascular health, strengthens your muscles, and improves your flexibility.

This sleek, wooden rower imitates on-water rowing without harshing the aesthetic of your home.

The only thing you need to achieve your fitness goals is this suspension trainer, a door, and a little space to move around in.

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