The Chopper can take your home workouts to the next level

We’ve all seen our fair share of gimmicky workout tools. Here’s the problem with these types of workout gadgets and gizmos: many of them don’t actually work.

It’s why at first glance, The Chopper by Chop Fit might not seem super convincing. But take a look at the reviews from everyday customers and testimony from three-time NBA champ Udonis Haslem, and chances are you’ll start to think a little differently.

The Chopper is a uniquely crafted piece of fitness equipment that is shaped in the same vein as an ax (hence, the name). It features multiple weight loads based on your grip, meaning that you can easily increase or decrease the resistance of the device without needing any extra accessories. When you hold your hands towards the top of the handle, you’ll experience a weight that resembles six pounds. Grab The Chopper at the bottom and it will feel more like 16 pounds. The idea is that The Chopper can enhance your upper body workout routine, especially your shoulders and back when you move it in a (you guessed it) chopping motion.

As its integrated smartphone app details, there are multiple ways to “chop,” and this includes via lunges, squats, and skaters. And as a result, The Chopper can be easily incorporated in a quick, full-body HIIT circuit (which are the types of exercise routines featured in its app.

But, what’s truly impressive about the device is its reviews. Currently, it has a perfect five-star rating on its site, with pros like Haslem saying it is “an amazing way to combine cardio and strength training,” as well as amateur athletes praising its app, with one reviewer stating, “The app provides some great workouts-they always get my heart rate up while also providing a solid strength workout in a short amount of time.”

While normally $139, currently shoppers can get The Chopper for $119.99 — a savings of 13% off.

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