The hidden travel rules that could still ruin your holiday, from bans on unvaxxed kids to expired vaccine passes

BRITS have been given a holiday boost this month with the scrapping of pre-arrival Covid tests, as well as the green and the amber list no longer existing.

Despite this, some countries still have strict travel rules for tourists – which may end up catching families out.

There is more great news this week, after 45 countries were removed from the red list, leaving just seven still facing a non-essential travel ban.

Here are some of the rules you will still have to follow when going on holiday, depending on where you are traveling.

Canada, Malta and France- unvaxxed kids banned

A family holiday to Malta and Canada may be difficult if trying to travel with teeangers.

Malta requires kids between 12 and 18 to be fully vaccinated, despite many countries yet to roll this out to younger travellers.

Only kids aged five to 11 can skip this rule.

Canada has similar rules – kids over 12 must be fully vaccinated, or be forced to quarantine for 14 days, scuppering holiday plans.

Kids under 12 don't have to be double jabbed if their parents are, but are banned from events and theme parks.

France has also now enforced that kids over the age of 12 must have the health pass, showing full vaccination.

While families can avoid this by paying for them to have a Covid test, this will still restrict teenagers from some areas in France without on.

Croatia and Austria – vaccine pass expiry

Both Austria and Croatia have said that vaccines have an expiry date of 270 days since the second jab.

This means that Brits who have had their final vaccine more than nine months before travelling will no longer be eligible to enter.

For example, with some Brits getting their second jab back in January, their second dose will now be out of date.

While the UK is rolling out booster jabs, this is currently only for over-50s, meaning lots of younger travellers will have to double check before travelling.

Maldives – kids over one needing Covid tests

While kids don't have to be vaccinated to enter the Maldives, all children over the age of one must have a PCR test.

Many families will be reluctant to subject their toddlers to the tests, which are often uncomfortable when putting swabs up the nose and throat.

All of Europe – at least three months on your passport

New Brexit rules mean Brits must have at least three months on their passport to enter Europe, despite previously just needing it to be in date.

Some families have fallen victim to the other new rule, which no longer counts any extra months on top of the 10-year validity.

Previously, Brits could roll over up to 10 months, meaning the maximum validity of a passport was 10 years and 10 months, although the extra time no longer counts.

Make sure to leave enough time for a new passport too – the government has also warned that Brits are waiting up to 10 weeks to get a new passport, up from the usual three.


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