The incredible theme park ‘hack’ that will get your kids a freebie and keep them happy | The Sun

COMEDIAN Jon Richardson revealed the clever theme park hack he uses to scoop freebies and keep his daughter happy.

The dad, known for his hit show Meet the Richardsons, has shared an amazing trick to bag prizes on a family day out.

Every parent knows the pressure of winning a giant, stuffed cuddly bear at the fair.

But Jon has put minds at ease after revealing his top tip for leaving with a trophy every time.

Speaking on his podcast, Down the Dog, Jon said: "I said to my daughter, 'if we get in there early, and we find a stall that's in a corner of the park, where there's not a lot of traffic.

"If we're the first ones on there, I reckon they'll give us a big teddy'.

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"They know that if people walk around the park all day with a big teddy, it suggests to other people that the toys are winnable and then they make more profit through the day.

"Sure enough, we walked to the back of the park, to the basketball game, he said, 'if you buy five balls, I'll give you a big teddy anyway'.

"Ten minutes later, having missed awfully, I'm walking around with a giant Yoshi."

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