The Linda Lindas Return to L.A. Public Library for NPR 'Tiny Desk (Home) Concert'

The last time teen punk band the Linda Lindas picked up their instruments at the Los Angeles Public Library, a performance of their single “Racist Sexist Boy” set the internet ablaze. Now, the quartet is back among the endless aisles of books, this time for their debut NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.

The performance is led by the classic Linda Lindas lineup: Mila de la Garza, 11, on drums and vocals; Lucia de la Garza, 15, on guitar and vocals; Eloise Wong, 14, on vocals and bass; and Bela Salazar, 17, on vocals and guitar.

The band also got some help from a newly recruited percussionist, Mila’s drum teacher Spencer Lere, who joined for the Bela-led “Cuántas Veces.” Lucia jokes: “We put an advertisement in the library a few days ago.”

The Linda Lindas rocked their way through a slate of songs from their newly released debut album Growing Up, including the record’s ever-hopeful title track, the lucid “Talking to Myself,” and the uncertain “Why.”

Bringing the concert full circle, the four-piece wrapped with a performance of “Racist, Sexist Boy” that was even more cohesive and fiery than the one that landed them on the viral radar nearly a full year ago. “Here we go — let’s blow the roof off, that’s what I say,” Lucia said as she introduced the final song. “I live for danger.”

“I think you can really tell our voices are different, maybe because we’re all older. And I think our playing is better from practicing and writing so much,” Bela told Rolling Stone in an interview ahead of Growing Up. “It’s really cool to hear our progress.”

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