The One Show host floored as Alex Jones makes language switch-up in segment

Ronan Keating was left dumbfounded as his co-star Alex Jones began to speak in another language on Friday's The One Show.

The 44-year-old TV star exclaimed: "What! What was that?" as his Welsh partner on the sofa introduced film star Taron Egerton to the programme but not in English.

Alex said: "Lets say hello to Hollywood star by the way of…" as she began to reel off his name in Welsh.

The former Boyband star couldn't contain his laughter but Rocket Man actor Taron – who played Sir Elton John in the epic film – seemed to enjoy her introduction.

Impressed Taron chimed: "Heyyyy."

Still giggling, Ronan added: And Bridgerton star by way of Henley, I got the easy one I think.

He continued: "It's Taron Egerton and Jonathan Bailey."

Moving on with the interview, Ronan referred back to an earlier VT that showed an interview with Stephen Fry and Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

The ex-Boyzone member asked: "So Taron, Stephen Fry and JK Rowling are helping to get you to sleep at night, is that right?"

Taron replied: "I'm re-visiting all of the Harry Potter books by way of Stephen Fry reading the audio books and I'm finding it's a really lovely way to unwind at night with the Phoenix's and horcrux's and that type of thing."

Alex asked: "Might there be a reason? Is this researched?

The film star quipped: "Ohh yes, I am intending to become a wizard," at which point both Alex and Ronan began to laugh out loud.

Before the Welsh TV host commented: "Very nicely navigated."

Carrying on with the joke, Taron interjected: "If I can grow a beard in time but at this rate you, know it'll take 50 years."

After the awkward moment had cleared, Alex continued with the interview allowing both actors to speak about the play that they are in.

The two-some both star in Mike Bartlet's Oliver-Award-winning play C**k which is playing in the Ambassadors Theatre in London from 5 March to 4 June 2022.

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