The Queen is in her element in 96th birthday portrait – still in charge of the Firm

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A brand new portrait of Queen Elizabeth has been released by The Royal Windsor Horse Show to mark the occasion of her 96th birthday. The Queen is turning 96 tomorrow on April 21 and is celebrating in Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate where she flew via helicopter today. In the photo, the monarch can be seen standing proudly in between two white horses and surrounded by blossoming Magnolia trees.

What was her body language revealing to royal fans on the eve of her 96th birthday?

Body language specialist Judi James spoke exclusively to to analyse this brand new portrait of the Queen.

She said: “This is such a strong and powerful message from the Queen.

“She is clearly sending out the message that, despite being 96 years old, she is still the one in charge of the Firm.

“She is also desperate to refute that idea that she should be treated or spoken about as frail and unable to rule,” the expert claimed.

Judi continued: “The blossom behind her reminds us of new beginnings and youth.

“This is not a woman wanting to signal she might be in her twilight years or the autumn of her life.

“She stands upright and with her feet slightly splayed, while her jaw-jut smile hints of resilience rather than giving up.”

What emotions does the Queen appear to be feeling on the night before her 96th birthday?

Judi added: “And of course she is not only in her element here, flanked by two beloved and beautiful white horses.

“She is also posing as though in charge of them, with one hand on each rein.

“This is an attitude that might come in handy when it comes to dealing with her battling grandsons.”

The Queen’s husband Prince Philip was a keen horse and carriage rider, and this pose may have been a sentimental nod to her late husband.

In terms of style, she wore a khaki green overcoat as she stood around the blossoming trees in Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth could also be seen wearing her classic black loafers which she has been wearing for decades.

The iconic shoes cost about £1,000, and she has them in many different colours and styles.

Known as the Queen’s ‘work’ shoes, they are handmade for her by shoemaker Anello & Davide of Kensington, West London.

They are made from the finest calf leather, according to the company’s website.

They are designed from black patent leather with a brass clasp and a small bow to add some character to the shoes.

The monarch wore some light pink lipstick and accessorised with a simple pair of pearl earrings for the occasion.

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