These Genius Water Bottles Make It *So* Easy To Keep Your Dog Hydrated On The Go

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Keeping your dog hydrated while on the go can easily become a tricky situation, especially when you’re trying to avoid sharing your own water bottle with your furry BFF. Instead of having to tote around a separate bowl and water to fill it, the best dog water bottles feature convenient two-in-one designs with a leak-proof container that stores both your preferred amount of water and an incorporated bowl for your pup to drink from.

When you start shopping for a dedicated dog water bottle, you’ll first want to consider how big of a container you’ll need. Going for a smaller capacity (around 9 or 10 ounces) means it won’t be as cumbersome to tote around, however, dogs who accompany owners on hikes or take long walks may benefit from an extra-large size (around 20 to 50 ounces) that needs fewer refills.

The size of the container can also contribute to its functionality. The more compact bottles can usually be operated one-handed and have the advantage of a lockable flow mechanism that lets you easily transfer any unused water from the attached bowl right back into the bottle — thereby helping you conserve water and cut down on the hassle of having to dump out leftover liquid every time your pup is done sipping. Another thing you’ll want to consider is the material. Stainless steel offers the most insulation so your water will stay colder for longer, however, plastic is lighter weight and makes it easier to know when your water level is running low

Lastly, some dog water bottles are decked out with other handy features that pet owners may appreciate. For instance, a carrying strap can make it easier to attach a water bottle to a backpack or carry it around your wrist, while one with a separate treat holder or removable bowl gives you a convenient way to feed your pooch while you’re away from home.

Now that you know how to keep your pet’s thirst quenched throughout the day, you’ll find a list of the best water bottles for dogs on Amazon below!

1. The Overall Best Dog Water Bottle

  • Capacity Options: 10.6 ounces, 13.5 ounces (featured)

With an impressive 4.7-star rating after more than 3,000 reviews, this PetKit dog water bottle is one of the most popular options on Amazon. It’s available in two sizes, four color options, and is very simple to use; just turn the lock button to the unlock position and press down until the desired amount of water is dispensed into the attached bowl. After your dog is done drinking, tilt the unit so it’s upright and press down on the button again so any leftover liquid flows back into the lower bottle. No water is wasted with this design, and the locking mechanism and internal silicone gasket also help prevent the bottle from leaking when it’s rolling around in a backpack. As a bonus, the BPA-free container has a built-in carbon filter, which cuts down on any dirt or grass that may otherwise have flowed back into the bottle. It also comes with a hanging strap to make it easier to carry and store.

Helpful review: “We do a lot of camping with our two dogs and this unit is a lifesaver. No more spilled water in the car, no more spills in our camper. We now can go for walks, bike rides everything and we have the peace of mind that when our dogs need water we can provide it to them with a major hassle or having our dogs get sick from drinking bad water.”

2. The Most Leak-Resistant Dog Water Bottle

  • Capacities: 18 ounces (featured), 21 ounces

While many models claim to be leak-resistant, this Lesotc bottle features its own innovative system. To use it, you have to squeeze the bottle as you hold it out to your dog and continue squeezing it for the water to stay in the bottle’s folding cap (which doubles as a bowl). When your dog is done drinking and you let go, any remaining water gets sucked back into the bottle and then you simply flip the bowl back over to its cap position. That makes it nearly impossible for the water to leak out accidentally, although, admittedly, it is a little more cumbersome than other options to use. Available in three color options and two sizes, this bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with a carrying strap.

Helpful review: “This is the BEST water bottle I have found on the market. It has a locking mechanism so that there are no leaks or spills. It has a straw attached on the inside so that you can get every last drop. A foldable bowl for the dog to easily drink out of. And it makes it smaller in size which is easier to carry around. A strap to carry from your belt loop, wrist, backpack loop, etc… Love the color options as well. This is a must-have!”

3. The Best Stainless Steel Pet Water Bottle

  • Capacity: 25 ounces

For those extra-hot days when you want to ensure your pup’s water says cold, this Vivaglory bottle is a good option and a fantastic price point. The container itself is made from food-grade stainless steel, and thanks to a sturdy gasket, will stay sealed and insulated so long as the lid is on. Similar to the pick just above, the BPA-free lid doubles as a bowl-shaped drinking cup, only you actually have to twist it off and pour water into it yourself. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough, though, that you can use try to use the cup to pour any leftovers back in. It comes with a carrying strap and you can pick from five colors.

Helpful review: "We are in FL, so in the summer we need lots of water on our walks. I have 2 of these (orange and aqua) and the water stays cool for days and they are very durable. I dropped one lid down in the pavement and it didn’t even scratch let alone break!"

4. The Largest Capacity Dog Water Bottle

  • Capacity: 50 ounces

This oversized Asobu bottle is one of the largest pet water bottles you’ll find, and thanks to its Tritan plastic construction, is still relatively lightweight. Unlike the other options on this list, this one functions more like a normal water bottle with a lid that unscrews and a non-slip base that detaches so that you can use it as a dog water bowl (or in a pinch, even a dog food bowl). While that means you could technically use this as a hydration solution for both you and your pup, you will still need to find a place to offload any remaining water in the dog bowl to avoid cross-contamination. However, its carrying handle and its large size may make it an attractive option for dog owners with pets who drink a lot of water, since you won’t need to refill it as often.

Note: if you’re looking for more installation, you can also get a stainless steel version of this Asobu bottle.

Helpful review: “It’s huge! But lightweight and very convenient! I use the bottom part for giving my pup water (of course) and food when we travel. I love it a lot!”

5. The Best Dog Water Bottle With A Treat Compartment

  • Capacity: 8.7 ounces (plus, 6.8 ounces for food/treats)

This plastic Misthis dog water bottle looks and functions like a smaller version of the first pick above, but you also get a clever removable compartment at the bottom that’s perfect for storing treats or kibble. There’s a silicone gel seal ring inside of the bottle to help prevent leaks, and instead of holding a button down to control the flow of water into the attached bowl, you slide the lock to the open position, and it flows freely as you tilt it. When your dog is done drinking, you can simply tip any unused water back into the bottle and then slide back the lock before storing it away. Although you may need to refill this bottle more often since it’s on the smaller side, it’s still lightweight and easy to carry, thanks to the addition of a strap.

Helpful review: “We’ve been using this for over a month and it’s perfect for keeping in the car. It fits in my cup holder and is ready for a quick drink of a little snack if we’ve been gone longer than expected. Love it!”

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