Tinder feature removes distance limits so users can swipe globally

Tinder is testing ‘Global Mode’ that removes app’s geography limits and allows users to search for dates anywhere in the world

  • Tinder is testing a feature that lets users search for dates without a distance limit
  • Previously Tinder had a 100-mile limit through which users could find matches
  • It would even allow users to search for matches in other countries
  • Tinder will reportedly test the feature first before rolling it out globally 

In a major shift, Tinder will allow all users to search for people on its platform without any limits to geography.

The removal of its distance requirements means that users will be able to search for potential dates in any part of the world as opposed to the previous maximum distance of within 100 miles.

According to the platform, that means they users will even be able to match with other Tinder hopefuls in other countries. 

Engadget reports that the new feature is being rolled out in response to demand from Gen Z users.

Tinder is testing a feature that would do away with any distance limits and let users search for matches across the globe (stock)

‘Our Gen Z members have been telling us for some time they want to meet people across the globe, and our new world order, paired with our distinctive global scale, solidifies that demand,’ said Tinder in a statement to Engadget.

‘We already had plans to open geographic filters, and now we’ve accelerated them.’

Global Mode will be notably different from Tinder’s ‘Passport’ mode which allows users to drop themselves into different cities or locations and search for other users as if they were currently there. 

Even in passport, users are limited to a 100 mile range when searching for matches. 

The feature is currently being tested and will likely be rolled out to all users if everything goes according to plan.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has put life on hold for many, Tinder has rolled out several new features in the past several months, several of which it says were expedited due constraints by the virus. 

Tinder will also roll out various new features that include video chatting and is testing a live trivia game according to The Verge (stock)

In addition to video dating, The Verge reported that Tinder is testing out a new video feature that will pit users against one another in a game of live-streamed trivia.

While the details of how the game will work are sparse, screenshots obtained by The Verge suggest that the trivia game will be live and may even include a chat feature in which a ‘live audience’ can watch along. 

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