Tokyo Olympics athletes and fans will not face 14-day quarantine

Olympic athletes will not be required to quarantine when they arrive in Tokyo for next year’s Olympic Games.

The event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and now organisers have confirmed there will be an exemption from the 14-day isolation period Japan that currently stands for those arriving in the country from abroad.

Officials said on Thursday that details will need to be finalised but testing within 72 hours of arriving in Japan would likely be the compromise.

Spectators from overseas may also fall into the same category, with a 14-day quarantine described as “impossible” for those arriving to watch the spectacle.

“Athletes, coaches and Games officials that are eligible for the Tokyo Games will be allowed to enter the country, provided significant measures are made before they get to Japan,” Tokyo 2020 Chief Executive Officer Toshiro Muto told a news conference.

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Japan has held several recent test events, including a four-nation gymnastics meet last weekend, in which spectators have been admitted, but these were limited to residents of Japan.

International Olympic Committee head Thomas Bach is due in Japan for a three-day visit next week, at which Muto said he expected details of coronavirus counter-measures would be ironed out.

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