Trey Songz fans disgusted as star spits into women’s mouths in ‘disturbing’ clip

Trey Songz has been slammed by fans after he was filmed spitting into the mouths of two women.

Social media became outraged when they laid their eyes on the ‘disturbing’ clip which sees the 36-year-old rapper gathering saliva before he spits it into the mouths of two women who are kneeling below him.

The brunette ladies, who have been reportedly been cast to star in the rapper's latest music video, lick each other's tongues as the hitmaker holds their faces and then spits into their open mouths.

The shocking clip has garnered thousands of views since it surfaced online earlier this week, with horrified fans dubbing it ‘disrespectful', 'disgusting', and 'degrading'.

Trey is well known for his graphic lyrics and explicit references to sex in his music, and many fans pointed out the shocking video may be a behind-the-scenes clip for a new music shoot.

The singer, who tested positive for Covid earlier this year, sparked outrage with his raunchy actions amid the ongoing pandemic.

It didn’t take long for fans to flock to Twitter to hit out at the controversial star.

One horrified Twitter user said: “Even if we weren’t in a pandemic, this is still nasty as hell. Absolutely disturbing.”

“Any woman who would allow being degraded like this, has absolutely no self-worth, no self-respect, and love for herself at all,” another fumed.

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“This dude had covid a few months ago and here he is spitting in these girls' mouths. People are still dying every day and he’s here promoting this filth. No thanks,” a third raged.

“Downright disgusting behaviour,” a fourth fan shared.

After the music star tested positive for Covid five months ago, he urged fans to take it seriously and stay safe.

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