UK’s cheapest supermarket named

Each month Which? compares the prices of groceries from all supermarkets to see which is the cheapest. And it might be unsurprising to know Aldi has been crowned the winner for the 11th consecutive month. 

The latest research shows that in April, Aldi was £17.34 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket, Waitrose, for an equivalent basket of 39 essential items. £17.34 over a month is a saving of £69.36 for a shopper. 

Which? also revealed Aldi to be £8.10 cheaper than Tesco and £11.47 cheaper than Morrisons per basket. 

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “At Aldi, we believe access to great quality food and drink is a right not a privilege. 

“Shoppers want to know they are getting great quality produce at the best possible prices. 

“So, to have Which? name us the UK’s cheapest supermarket for the eleventh month in a row is reassuring for our shoppers.” 

Average basket price for April: 

Aldi – £69.99
Lidl – £70.64 
Sainsbury’s – £76.85
Asda – £77.92 
Tesco – £78.09 
Morrisons – £81.46 
Ocado – £83.69 
Waitrose – £87.33 

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Which? also compared the cost of a larger trolley of 135 items – the original 39 essentials plus 96 more. 

This included some well-known brands too such as Andrex and Cathedral cheese.

However, this list didn’t include Aldi and Lidl because they don’t stock the full range of branded products as the other supermarkets do. 

Asda was the cheapest for this larger trolley of groceries – a title it’s held since January 2020.

In April it cost a customer £343.46 for this shop, whereas Sainsbury’s was the next cheapest at £353.96 – £10.50 more.

Waitrose was £38.76 more expensive than Asda, coming in at £382.22, on average.

Average large trolley price for April:

Asda – £343.46
Sainsbury’s – £353.96
Morrisons – £355.84
Tesco – £365.77
Ocado – £374.53
Waitrose – £382.22

Ele Clark, Which? retail editor, said: “It’s no surprise to see many people turning to discounters like Aldi and Lidl when our research shows they could save up to £17 on a basket of everyday groceries by doing so.

“Supermarkets aren’t currently doing enough to help shoppers.

“Which? believes the big retailers have a responsibility to ensure everyone has easy access to basic, affordable food ranges at a store near them, and to provide transparent and comparable pricing so people can easily work out which products offer the best value.”

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