Vinny Jumps Out Of A Coffin In Wild New Prank Show With Pauly D: Watch ‘Revenge Prank’ Trailer

‘Jersey Shore’ stars DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino are out to give MTV fans some laughs and scares in their new prank show. Vinny even surprises a room full of funeral goers by emerging from a closed coffin.

Be prepared to watch Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio and Vinny Guadagnino help get revenge on unsuspecting folks who thought they played the ultimate pranks on their pals and got away with it. The Jersey Shore cast mates have teamed up for a new MTV show called Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny. In a new preview trailer, the show promises to help prank victims get payback through the wildest stunts ever. These are people who have been the victim of a prank that went viral on the internet, and they want revenge on the friend or family member who originally pulled the epic joke on them.

One of pranks includes Vinny rising out of a coffin at a funeral. He lifts the lid and makes a shivering noise before claiming, “Its cold in there!” One mourner is so frightened he jumps out of his seat and nearly hides behind his chair. “If you can dream it, they can prank it,” the announcer says over the clips of the stunts that Pauly, 39, and Vinny, 32, help mastermind. Some of the pranks look like just plain fun, where one woman sleeping on an inflatable mattress is carried — mattress, sheets and all — out to a backyard pool and dumped in the water. But other pranks look downright terrifying.

A man is seen sleeping in his bed as a massive python is lifted out of a container and placed on his leg. He wakes up in horror, screaming “Oh my god!” at the reptile slithering up his body.  Another prank is even more heart-stopping, as it shows two men jumping together out of an airplane. When the parachute opens up, one of the “men” falls away, floating through the air until he appears to impact into the ground without a backup chute opening. It was a dummy and not a person, but the woman on the ground watching didn’t know that, screaming in horror as she thought someone was falling to their death. That’s a pretty scary prank!

Pauly and Vinny’s new prank show will be party of MTV’s “Jerzday,” otherwise known as Thursday, starting on June 25. First up is their dating show Double Shot at Love, which begins its second season at 8pm ET. Then Revenge Prank follows at 9pm ET.

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