Waitrose to offer a meal deal for the first time ever at £5

It may be late to the party, but Waitrose has followed in the footsteps of other supermarket giants and has finally launched its own lunchtime meal deal.

Set to feature a main, drink and side, the deal will launch in stores from August 30.

It’ll be priced at £5 and will include a range of sandwiches, sushi, salads and wraps, alongside fruit, cereal bars, juices and smoothies.

It’s worth pointing out that for a long time Waitrose has offered all these products as part of its Food To Go range, but this is the first time they will be available in meal deal form.

The price point is slightly higher than some other competitors, with the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons all having deals for under £4.

However, some of these stores have more premium meal deal options available for £5.

It’s also a good discount on the whole, considering most Waitrose sandwiches alone cost more than £3.

Speaking about the new launch, Waitrose Food To Go buyer Jennifer Moscardini said: ‘We’re really excited to be launching this meal deal within our food-to-go range.

‘We know lots of our customers are heading into our shops to grab something for their lunch, so to be able to offer them a convenient, high-quality and great value meal deal is really important for us.’

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